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Thickest Marine Grade Vinyl
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Vinyl
All our premium hot tub covers feature superior marine grade vinyl treated with mildew and UV inhibitors to keep your spa looking new. The vinyl is extra thick to prevent cracking and splitting. Our covers are cold crack tested down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Tapered Virgin Foam
Tapered Virgin Foam
All our custom built spa covers feature virgin foam core insulation in a variety of foam densities and thicknesses to meet your needs. Our easy ordering process allows you to custom design your spa cover with the best combination of strength and heat retention to fit your geographic location.
Super Thick Vapor Barrier
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Thick Vapor Barrier
The number one cause of spa cover failure is water absorption. Once a cover starts absorbing water (moisture) it will act like a sponge and in a very short time can double in weight. We use the thickest plastic to wrap our foam cores and heat seal the opening to ensure an air tight, moisture proof seal. THIS MONTH ONLY! We are offering a free Double Wrap Vapor Barrier Upgrade ($29.99 Value). Two separately sealed plastic barriers for
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Stitching
Double-Triple Stitching
We take the extra step(s) to ensure each cover we build is stitched to our exacting standards. We double and triple stitch all our covers paying particular attention to the cover stress points. (Hinge, Handles, Straps, Corners, and Skirt). All covers are stitched with polyatomic UVR thread to prevent premature failure due to UV exposure.
Extra Reinforced Hinge
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Reinforced Hinge
We build our covers with multiple layers of reinforced vinyl for the best built and strongest hinge. It has been tested for thousands of folds. In addition to the stress of the opening and closing of your cover it is super strong and reinforced to work without issue with your existing (or new) spa cover lifter.
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Underliner
Mesh Underliner
The underliner is a key component of your cover. Our covers are built with a chlorine and bromine resistant breathable mesh underliner. Some manufacturers use a solid liner, which collects much more condensation in the interior of the cover which can cause eventual vapor barrier breakdown. With a mesh underliner, the condensation easily drips back into your spa to avoid bacteria or mold growth or long term direct exposure to the vapor barrier.
Super Strength Handles
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Handles
Our premium hot tub covers are built with super reinforced vinyl handles that match your cover. This ensures a great looking and functional cover. Don't settle for a cheaper black nylon handle.
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Vinyl Tie Down Straps
Extra Strong (Locking)
Vinyl Tie Down Straps
We use triple-reinforced vinyl tie down straps to secure your new cover directly to your spa. All Covers come with new locks, keys, and hardware to attach your cover tie down straps to your spa cabinet.
Heavy Duty Steel Reinforced Center Channel
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Steel Channel
For added extra strong support we build our covers with a heavy duty non-corrosive steel C-Channel that is inserted into both sections of the fold Along the hinge side to give added strength to the center of your premium hot tub cover.
Hot Tub Cover Feature - Zipper
Commercial Grade Zipper
To allow you access to the foam cores we use a commercial marine-grade extruded P.V.C. resin zipper that allows easy but protected access to the sealed foam cores.
Meets all ASTM Safety Standards
Hot Tub Cover Feature - ASTM Certified
All our spa covers meet or exceed the rigorous safety standards of the ASTM. Spa Cover Safety is especially important if you have small children or pets around your spa.

(Note): Many Municipal Building codes require ASTM compliant hot tub covers.
Hot Tub Cover Feature - 5 Year Warranty
Best 5 Year Warranty
Our Spa Covers come with an industry leading 5 year manufacturers warranty. Including 5 year warranty against water absorption.
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