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Replacement Hot Tub Cover Locks
Replacement Hot Tub Cover Locks
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With our durable Replacement Hot Tub Cover Locks, replace your damaged or worn out cover locks in just few minutes. Easy to install, these latch sets are suitable to use in hot tub cover straps and are made from 100% stainless steel hardware. Coated with rust-free black powder, these locks provide adequate protection to hot tub or spa covers against potential wind damage. So, always keep extra set in store by purchasing these locks from Spa Cover Spot.

The Replacement Hot Tub Cover Locks provided by us are available in 4 set i.e. it contains 4 buckles and locking latches. 12 stainless steel crews and key are provided, 3 for each set. These latches are buckle fitted with standard 1'' wide spa straps.


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