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Hot Tub Covers - Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Your Spa Covers the Best?
We sell thousands of custom built spa covers every year for every make and model spa. We know we build the highest quality spa in the industry and all hot tub covers are proudly built here in the USA. Please take a minute to review why our covers are the best. Visit our Hot Tub Cover Features. Just follow this link to review: "Spa Cover Features"

Do you have any Customer Reviews or Comments?
We have many thousands of satisfied customers, many who write back to us with rave reviews and have expressed how satisfied they are with their hot tub cover as well as our service. Please take a minute to review a sampling of the comments we have received. Just follow this link to review: "Customer Reviews and Testimonials"

How do I measure my spa?
You will need to find the full length and width of your spa. If you have rounded corners you will also need your radius.
HOW TO MEASURE YOUR RADIUS: To help you find your radius we do have a radius template sheet available to print on the order page. It is on the right hand side of the order page where you enter your measurement dimensions. Just click “How to Measure a Radius”. This will bring up PDF with 12 different radius curves. Please print this and lay it on the corner of your spa to match up the best radius. After you get as close as possible please cut out that radius and hold up to the corner to confirm.
MEASURING TIPS: We also have more measuring tips available on the website. Just click on this link “Click Here for Measuring Tips”

What is the difference if foam thickness (taper) and foam density?
Foam Thickness: We offer three foam densities. 4” to 2” taper, 5” to 3” taper and a 6” to 4” taper. The thicker the cover the more insulation (higher R-Value) it will give to your spa. We highly recommend that for climates (other than tropical or your spa is indoors) with moderate to harsh winter conditions, that you order a 5” to 3” taper or thicker.
Foam Density: The higher the foam weight the denser the foam. This provides greater strength to your cover. For example 1 lb. foam will hold 40-50 lbs. of weight, 1.5 lb. foam will hold 70-80 lbs. of weight and the 2 lb. foam will hold 100 lbs. plus. The thicker the cover the more weight the cover will hold up to over 250+ lbs. with the 6” to 4” taper and 2 lb. foam.

How do I measure my Skirt?
The skirts only function is to protect the spa acrylc from getting bleached by the sun. Just measure from the bottom of your existing spa cover down to where the spa acrylic stops and the cabinet starts. You can have the skirt fall lower if you like just make sure that it falls down enough to cover the spa acrylic.

What does the vapor barrier do?
The vapor barrier is the plastic barrier that wraps around and protects the foam from getting heavy over time due to water absorption. We offer a thick 4 mil.vapor barrier or a double wrapped foam barrier upgrade option. We completely heat seal each layer to ensure an air tight protection again water absorbtion to ensure your cover will not get heavy due to water absorption. The double wrap option offers two separately heat sealed vapor barriers for double the protection against water absorption. The best protection…period!

How heavy is a new cover?
Covers weigh anywhere from 45 lbs. up to 55 lbs. depending on options selected.

What is a Steam Stopper? And what is the upgrade to a full length Steam Stopper?
All covers come standard with two steam stoppers located at either end of the fold to help prevent any heat or steam from escaping from the fold when the cover is closed over the cover. The full length steam stopper upgrade runs the full length of the fold for a better seal and greater insulation (R-Value).

What is a Cover Cap?
We are the only manufacturer to offer our premium Custom Built spa cover cap. We build our cover caps with an extremely thick polyester fabric that has a sealed poly backing for a water and weatherproof cover to help protect and extend the life of your new cover. We custom build each cover for a form fitting fit over your spa cover to ensure it looks as good as it works. We offer three color choices Gray, Tan, and Brown.

My Spa is larger than 96” or is odd shaped spa or is a shape that is not shown.... Can you Build?
We can build any size or shape cover even oversized swim spa covers. Covers larger than 96” do cost more to build so we ask you to email us for a price quote. We can even build unique shaped spa covers. You can either send in a hand drawn diagram or we may ask for a template to ensure we build correctly. Oversized covers are usually built in either three or four sections. The three section covers are typically built with two sections attached and one section seperate.

What about speaker Boots?
We can build your cover with speaker/tv cutouts and "boots". Please contact us for pricing.

What kind of warranty comes with a new Spa Cover?

We offer one of the best warranties in the industry. All spa covers come with 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Please follow this link to review the warranty. 5 Year Warranty

I have more questions.
Please feel free to email us directly at or call us at 800-390-8973. Ordering a new spa cover can be a daunting task but we sell thousands of covers every year and are more than willing to help you in any way to make this a painless process and ensure you get the right cover your your spa and for your needs. Thank you for visiting our website and hope you we have done a good job showing why our spa covers are the absolute BEST in the USA.

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